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Imagination surprises again and again

December 13, 2019
Inner Blast - Figment of the Imagination

A pulsating Mankind intro's march brings to the forefront a solo bass guitar dance with chime of guitar notes, then female vocals and growling alternate, setting the overall style of the Inner Blast - Figment of the Imagination album. The power and gloomy drive of the No Strings performance are transformed with the introduction of vocals - growling retains rapid power and envelops musical passages at dusk, female clean vocals bring romantic tones.
Shots, explosions and military noise end with recognition and continue with a musical stream of restrained drive, bringing growling to the forefront of the musical image and significantly and majestically accentuating the chorus with the name of the There's No Pride in This Warsong. The mid-tempo march We Remain accentuates vocal phrases, leaving brooding thoughts of growling at the head of the musical narrative, introducing flashes of rapid drive in instrumental bridges.
The soft chime of guitar strings, akin to acoustic sound, brings spicy echoes of oriental motifs, ending with a charming peri, but then growling is intertwined in a bewitching dance with musical passages. However, then music and female vocals add symphonic charm to the Throne of Lilith composition. Beginning with a bewitching romance, enveloping the chime of guitar sruts with the soft charm of female vocals, departing from English lyrics in the vocal part. But then the romantic grandeur of the O Teu Veneno composition is complemented by musical power and growling vocals.
Inspirational doubts of the main motive are interwoven in a bewitching musical lace with growling, emphasizing the name of the Can I Believe composition in the ending of fragments, but then the charm of female vocals complements the song with its own notes and comes to the fore in the final part. The title track Figment of the Imagination continues the musical narrative of the album, starting with intriguing gloomy echoes, then captivating with the main motive and captivating him with seductive tunes of female vocals. Growling vocals supplements the vocal part in anticipation of graduation and in the final fragment. Twisted in a bewitching musical mystery, the final composition of album When You Lost Me then rides along the edge of medium tempo and rapid drive, crowning the sound with an alternation of vocal tunes.