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Imaginary gates to real of illusions

April 23, 2022
Insolvency - Illusional Gates

An intriguing musical mystery weaves the haze of the Blindness intro, anticipating the development of musical essence with the introduction of vocals. After mysterious musical passages with a symphonic influence, the Torn Away Inside song explodes with a whirlwind of frantic drive, then combining these musical streams in a single artistic aspiration.
The epic influence of musical diversity and the decoration of the sound by guest musicians gives The Endless Maze (feat. Fit For A King) composition a certain originality. The electronic impulses of the Mirage futuristic symphony acts as an introduction to the title track of the Insolvency - Illusional Gates album, which uses the previous motifs in the calculation of zeal, energy and melody.
Exploding with vocal fury, the Last Call immediately throws out the edge of vocal anger, complementing the sound with the symphonic presence of instrumental bridges that inspire the development of the musical essence of the Another Fate composition.
The sound of the Stranger World song fascinates with melodic reverie anticipating the unity of symphonic atmosphere and musical cruelty unite with the Smother the Candle (feat. Thy Art Is Murder) vocals diversity. Rhythmic procession and vocal pressure are combined in a painful and persistent Oversight march, then accelerating to unrestrained pressure, but again and again returning to vocals reflections.
The Afterlight pensive sound is the introduction to the Fade and Flow final composition of the album.