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Ignoring any impulses of reminiscence

January 05, 2023
All Empires Fall - Oblivious Momentum

Weaving the sparkling lace of the main motif, the Everytime we blink song rolls out the musical canvas of the All Empires Fall - Oblivious Momentum album, alternating inspired vocal proclamations and bright musical variations in the foreground of the musical image. After pensive musical passages with shades of forgotten fairy tales, the vocal part enters with a harsh growling vocals, then complementing the compositional structure of the The fall of Tarkaa epic saga with dreamy lyrics of clean vocals, then repeating this alternation again.
Rhythmically and persistently driving the milestones of the way with musical pressure, the River of memories composition covers the music and vocals unity with a mystical haze with sparkling melody, then bringing the vocal speech to the forefront in the introduction, then enchanting with a guitars solo and soaring in the rapid flight of the Thriving reminiscence musical fairy tale, continuing after a vocals scream with the melodic charm of a fascinating guitar solo and an exciting musical whirlwind of the Bound by time composition.
Pensive vocals reflections are woven into mesmerizing musical mysteries in the sound of the I believe musical artwork with symphonic suites in the background, continuing the melodic charm in The greatest gift romantic ballad with the mystery of the steps of keyboard passages, decorated with the tenderness of the vocal phrases of the singing lady. The Mind Gates musical tale concludes the musical narrative of the album with a mesmerizing charm of the symphonic unity of music and vocals.