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If you don't want nothing to learn - let the fire to burn

April 01, 2017
Nidingr - The High Heat Licks Against Heaven

Clouds circling, darkening the space, hiding the sunlight - Nidingr - The High Heat Licks Against Heaven will burn everything around, trying to disperse the clouds from heaven!
Dark, black fog Hangagud creeps into space, filling everything around with ancient tales of unimaginable monsters, swiftly and quickly enveloping all with the clubs of its viscous haze.
Hard and expressive, furious and changeable Surtr changes from rapid musical passages to a thoughtful, fascinating legend. These combinations carry the mind, leaning towards a solemn, pretentious tale. But anger rush completes that tale as well.
Melody of The Ballad of Hamther, with its charm and sound, carries on its march at an average pace, solemnly enveloping the glamor and the peculiarity of darkness by its narrative fairy tale.
Anger and fury, painstakingly and powerfully enslaves the consciousness with On Dead Body Shore sound, carefully and concentrating their speeches and musical fog forward, not noticing obstacles, powerfully and unhamperedly advancing further.
Slowly, unhurriedly and quietly whisper creeps into consciousness, quiet melodic accompaniment accordingly supports Gleipnir tale. A short burst of hardness creeps out soon, then again a calm and muffled sound.
Sharp, fierce, tough and harsh Sol Taker sound immediately throws in the midst of the musical battle, not caring at all about the calmness of the defensive shores.
An intriguing, mysterious introduction with a soft voice envelops calmness and confidence, then the narrative Ash Yggdrasil turns into a more saturated and dense ballad. Again and again a soft, insinuating whisper replaces mighty powerful and solemn ballad and back.
Furious pressure pushes the waves of gloomy narrative, enveloping in the gloom of unknown despair Heimdalargaldr. Angry speech, desperately and nervously rolls, then comes the respite with mysterious whisper with so calm and quiet melody. But furious rush returns with so angry, furious march.
A powerful drive, crushing obstacles around becomes a witness of Valkyries Assemble. A group of fierce, indestructible warrior ladies surrounds themselves with the dance of blades and wirlwind of gloomy otherworldly spirits.
A gloomy, melancholic ballad Naglfar Is Loosed completes the entire album, disseminating the hopelessness around with the rays of sadness and sorrow. The end of the album sounds as the tender voice of the singing lady.