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Ice and fire, darkness and light, death and life

December 05, 2019
Crystal Viper - Tales Of Fire And Ice

The noise of rain, the thunderstorm and the enchanting tunes of the Prelude guitar solo anticipates the beginning of the Crystal Viper - Tales Of Fire And Ice album that tells the epic canvas of an exciting fairy tale. Still Alive then explodes with the unity of symphonic outlines and emotional vocal narration, piercing together with the blade of musical passages an obscure musical essence.
Guitar passages twist the sphere of the main motive, then combining in Crystal Sphere bewitching waltz with vocal phrases and carrying the listener into a bewitching sphere of bewitching fairytale open spaces. A rhythmic Bright Lights gallop captivates perception in an irresistible thirst for wanderings, capturing vocal charm into a unity of musical essence on the verge of uncontrollable swiftness and vocal melody.
The majestic anthem Neverending Fire, raising the bewitching tunes of the singing lady above the musical image, continues the album on the verge of a mid-tempo musical march, shrouded in the covers of a ballad charm, but breaking into a tempo variation in the guitar solos of the instrumental part.
The chime of Interlude musical symphonies is combined with the breath of a snow guard walking with tired steps and anticipating the development of a given melody in the Under Ice integral composition that envelops vocal phrases with lace of frosty freshness. One Question sweeps by swift whirlwinds of a sparkling blizzard, captivating with vocal phrases and sparkling winds of guitar solos.
Brightly and inspiringly raising the banners of the musical narration in vocal phrases Tomorrow Never Comes (Dyaltov Pass) sums up a clear and concise result to them in the final phrases. A bewitching and charming Tears Of Arizona ballad envelops the listener with a charming unity of the bewitching melody of the singing lady's vocal tunes and musical passages, sparkling with bright and inspiring sparks of unforgettable stars. Remembering unforgettable legends Dream Warriors (Dokken cover) (bonus track) and rethinking their musical artworks completes the album.