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I shall to pray for freedom

March 09, 2022
Bristow, Jackie, 2010 -  Freedom

The title track of the Jackie Bristow - Freedom album, after a brief reflection, enchants with vocal inspiration combined with the soft and thrilling chime of the guitar strings. The Holy Mess composition charms with echoes of memories of the native places.
The romantic tenderness of the Running ballad envelops with a veil of reflection and unhurried contemplation, complementing the string passages with artistic keyboard parts. The Pray For The Love intro brings the artistry of the keyboard passages to the forefront, then brings the vocal part to the forefront in the verse and unites these parts in the chorus in a unified musical stream.
Echoes of freedom-loving rock'n'roll spirit bring their influence into the sound of the Hightail It Outta Here composition, again returning to the romantic atmosphere of the musical narration in the sound of the River ballad. Unhurried meditations wrapped in artistic shawls of a keyboard symphony combine vocal reflections and musical pensiveness in the sound of the Warning Signs song, combining unhurried meditations with romantic and artistic musical atmosphere.
The musical covers of the Rebel In My Soul song seem to bring echoes and memories of wanderings and adventures, embodying echoes of bard tales. The Broken Girl ballad continues the style of bardic memories, combining vocal sensuality with the soft ringing of acoustic string passages. Memories of past wars and battles conclude the album with the Aotearoa track's unhurried meditations with background wordless chorales.