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I shall to point an another way

April 24, 2022
Thyla - Thyla

Musical pressure with the influence of folklore echoes begins the musical narrative of the Thyla - Thyla album with the mysterious sound of the Amber Waitscomposition, accompanying vocal reflections with musical prompts. The Breathe song, after a short preparation, brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image.
The disturbing sound and mystery of the 3 composition anticipate the romantic reflections of the Flush song. The Gum pushes with the sound of the main motive, persistently and stubbornly moving along the chosen path, paving the musical path for the vocal procession.
Electronic mystery and futuristic intrigue are combined with the enchanting sound of the Echo For Ingrid female vocals. Drive, anxiety and rebellion rolls with the sound of the Kin song.
The intriguing Imbude (Interlude) intro to the final part of the album rolls out the musical canvas, on which the rhythmic drive of the Making My Way Through The Skyline composition turns, driving its step into the sound crowned with vocal experiences, then the musical mystery of the Dandelion progressive saga brings echoes of musical mystery and completes the sound of the album with the Rabbit Hole song.