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I'll been waiting for the moonlight

April 27, 2017
Ghost Bath - Moonlover (Limited Nuclear Blast Edition)

Daylight blinds and annoys, only in the dusk of the evening and the darkness of the night Ghost Bath - Moonlover (Limited Nuclear Blast Edition) cognizes all the delights of the available temptations!
Mysterious short introduction The Sleeping Fields carries into the world of mysteries and cryptic surprises.
Starts buzzes like a swarm of frenzied insects intro of Golden Number, then exploding with enchanting drive in so mad whirlwind around the wonderful and charming melody of the main motive.
A leisurely, rhythmic melody confidently makes its way through a drowsy twilight heading towards Happyhouse. Then, the shrill, catchy shades of vocal screaming makes its contribution to this march. So gentle, soft and thoughtful melody completes these dreams with its gentle sounding.
Tenderness continues in the Beneath The Shade intro, envelops with dreamy grace of perfect fantasies. In such a gentle and inspired manner, this instrumental saga proceeds all its duration. The Silver Flower Pt. 1 Continues to envelop the fog of melodic dusk, complementing it with the chirping of crickets and bird's trills. Brief intro concludes with the bells of cricket of crickets, then The Silver Flower Pt. 2 turns into the burst of emotional storm of vocal phrases, beginning with rhythmic driving of a musical. After short respite in the gentle break of the bridge, the music confidently combines a powerful and confident rhythm and enchanting, sparkling melody in a single melodic stream in mid tempo pace. That brilliant and fantastic song, as for me!
Bright, wonderful images delivers Death And The Maiden, inspiring concentrated thoughts with a remarkable leitmotif that carries gloomy thoughts into the unknown reaches, dispelling them with the influence of their enchanting melodies.
Melodious and dreamy beginning Ascension (Bonus Track) differs this edition from the previous album's implementation Ghost Bath - Moonlover, then turns into furious and hard realisation of the charming main motives tune, enchanting all of the listeners by its perfect musical image.