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I believe only in unbelievable

March 04, 2023
Fire Mystical, 2023 -  The Fire Mystical

The gloomy viscosity of the Evilmorphosis song begins the musical narration of the The Fire Mystical - The Fire Mystical album with a viscous intensity, to which the vocals bring a twilight mystery, which is continued by the soft and sensual tenderness of the pensive Dragon Cyclones musical tale, complementing the vocals narrative with the sparkling chime of guitars passages.
The pensive narration of the Dead Flowers bard ballad brings the vocal narrative to the forefront of the musical image, embodying the gloomy title in the appropriate musical variations, but dispelling these twilight and despair with the sound of the hopeful Already Gone journey of adventurers and wanderers.
The music wraps the vocal narrative in a veil of mystery, but the bright and artistic guitar solo of the instrumental part expands the musical diversity of the Five and Ten song, combining shades of blues in the vocal part and musical passages. But then the assertiveness and intensity of the sound of the drive of the Can't Find My Way composition push the combination with vocal rebelliousness and impatience.
Stubbornly, persistently and insistently, the I Believe song moves along the chosen musical path, again and again emphasizing its name in the chorus.
Instrumental variations complete the album with a dilogy, combining in the sound of Travectio (Part I) and Travectio (Part II) the brooding and unhurried wisdom of artistic musical variations in the twilight atmosphere of mysterious twilight.