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Humiliation of the servants of the damned gods

May 19, 2021
Monolith Deathcult - V3 - Vernedering: Connect the Goddamn Dots

Infowarstells the story and describes the meaning and features of the The Monolith Deathcult - V3 - Vernedering: Connect the Goddamn Dots album dedicated to cinema. The Connect the Goddamn Dots (Addendum) complements the essence of the musical narration, opening one of the parts of the album name in an intricate history, worst vocal reflections by the swirl of a musical mystery.
After a thoughtful and epic intro, the Gone Sour Doomed (Addendum) sharply accelerates the tempo and rushes in the race of a frantic drive with shades of the musical thriller. The Vernedering trusts the disclosure of the title of the album, the impudent medium-level pulsation of the battle march, somewhat accelerating the pace with the entry of vocals, which complement the appeals of the fierce dictator.
The introduction of Blood Libels explains the reasons for disrespecting with some people of death metal music, ending with a thoughtful ballady with progressive complications of a rhythm with an extension of jazz motives of the beginning of the previous century. The White Silence (Addendum) pumps the gloomy mysteriousness of combining music and vocals in the mysterious atmosphere of twilight haze.
Vocals rechitative of the They Drew First Blood song is turning a gloomy prophecies, then combining music and vocals in the twilight mysticism of the sad procession, then slightly accelerating the musical pace. The L'ouverture de Morose track completes the album of the majestic epic symphony with the echoes of musical motifs from Gothic philms with notes of mysticism.