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Human beings are so varied

December 16, 2019
Human Equation - The Human Universe

Beginning with the Intro as intriguing instrumental composition, the Human Equation - The Human Universe album develops the motives inherent in it in The Origin next song, complementing their mysterious sound with harsh vocal phrases. In the instrumental part, the cry of a guitar solo introduces a peculiar saddened charm into the musical sound. Vocals are transformed from growling, complemented by a drive into a narrative of clean vocals, complemented by a sad and wise romance.
Starting with a thoughtful dance of epic tunes, the music of the Sacrifice intro mesmerizes with lace melodic variations. The vocal part is dominated by pure male vocals, sometimes hardened to a harsh on the verge of growling, creating pensive covers of a mysterious mystical atmosphere, complemented by background tunes of wordless female vocals. Rapid zeal for drive is intertwined In Shadows with an incredibly progressive complication of the rhythmic structure, which carries vocal experiences into its inextricable networks, alternating growling with clean vocals, complemented by background tunes of female vocals.
Then Of a Deep Beauty and the Nibiru's Approach composition following it envelop the atmosphere of mesmerizing romance, wrapping it in a pensive lace of melodic echoes and pensive transformations of instrumental and vocal entities.
The power of an instrumental drive is intertwined with sophisticated vocal experiences, combining energy, power and the enchanting melody of an epic tale into the sound of the In the Same Light song. Desolate Dimension completes the album, raising the charm of epic legends with musical passages, and complementing the originality of vocal transformations, the artistry of the musical image.