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How should I know about all problems?

February 27, 2022
Blackout Problems - Gods (EP)

Entering with intriguing pulsations of musical expectation, The City Won't Sleep Tonight track opens the musical gates of the Blackout Problems - Gods (EP) release, rolling out the compositional canvas of the verse with intriguing mystery, raising in the chorus the banners of solemn inspiration in the unity of musical passages and vocal part.
The pressure of the unyielding guitar solo brings echoes of the spirit of freedom-loving rock'n'roll, crowning the waves of musical drive of the How Should I Know song with emotional vocals proclamations.
Romantic mystery wraps the intro and vocal reflections of the verse in a shroud of vague temptations hiding reasons for anxiety and worry, and then the Space composition is elevated by the sparkling inspiration of the refrain, combining solemnity, romance and sensuality in a single musical stream. The sound of the Make Do And Mend song partly continues the stylistic motifs of the previous track, but develops them in a more varied musical essence and raises more majestic and sparkling banners of vocal inspiration in the sonorous and significant chorus.
Developing the musical quest of the introduction to the sound of the As Long As We Can main motif, a whirlwind of unity of musical creativity unites in a thrilling flight of hit musical sound with vocal phrases, thrillingly combining in a single musical rush. The For The Road bard ballad completes the album's musical tale with a soft and mesmerizing acoustic adventure, bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the musical sound.