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How much is here? It is necessary to consider

October 13, 2021
Eskimo Callboy - MMXX (EP)

The intro of the Hypa Hypa song asks the dance rhythmics, and creates an atmosphere of dance fad, again and re-emphasizing the name and combining dreamy appeals and furious phrases of the embittered haresh in the vocal party, indicating the versatile stylistic orientation of the Eskimo Callboy - MMXX (EP) album.
A diverse sound with shades and essays of classical music, the Hate / Love composition combines vocal styles in a single musical stream, complementing the main clean vocals with a background fierce harsh vocals.
The MC Thunder II (Dancing Like a Ninja) confidently follows the path of the main motive, rhythmically and fiercely driven by vocal phrases its mood.
Entering fierce and fierce vocals, the Monsieur Moustache in the chorus is attributed to the banner of clean vocals. The final part sharply accelerates the tempo and the sound becomes.
The sound of the Dramaqueen song creates the atmosphere of a dark fairy tale, fascinating the listener with musical transformations and vocal variety. The Prism (feat. Tobias Rausher) completes the musical narration of the release of a thoughtful romantic ballad.