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How many mysterious secrets of the oceans!

July 12, 2016
Sleepless Empire - Aquatic Descent

Chosen and specially trained Sleepless Empire - Aquatic Descent was sent at very hard mission.
The mysterious sacrament of the Arrival started by distant quiet guitar riff, that serves as background music for keyboards. Then the guitars comes to the fore, but the last phrase keyboards doesn't leave without its participation.
Arrived at the location, necessary to explore the area, taking its peculiarities to our attention. About this varying rhythm of medium to slow The Analyzation, Pt. L tells, permeating consciousness by deliberately clearly legible and balanced vocals and stringy guitar riffs.
After a viscous and persistent riffs, guitar thwarted in a mad whirlwind, keyboards complement furious entry by its sounds. Further Lucidity repeatedly changing the tempo, playing confident and unhurried vocal part, but ends verse violent jerk. Still the same tough riff completes the composition.
Melodic keyboard passage opens Crowned Deceiver to our attention, after guitar indulge in fast vortices, but vocal surrounding space by its shaking growl - that corresponds to the accompaniment. Again burdening riff returnes, so vocal changes the rhythmic flow to more stretched passages. About how much of this composition varies - occasionally keyboards come to the fore, the guitars carries away in the rapid vortex, the rhythmic pattern prevails ... all of this comes to an end with keyboards and heartbeat.
Powerful and exciting attraction riffs have marked False Wraith arrival to the point of view. Then guitars exalt ghostly influences and gloomy legends to unprecedented heights, keyboards controls the melody, next supplemented by clean vocals inclusions.
Dreadplate howl of the invisible monster illuminates the hopelessness of further fate of the Fallen Protector. Fierce threshing, crushing doubts to dust, continues these chronicles, joined by growling vocals. After spilling rays of hatred, the story becomes balanced calm and melodic confidence, that headed by keyboards, that appears on the the foreground. But the howl of invisible monsters still heard sometimes.
Melodic ballad guitar riff carries away into the unknown gave all our sadness and sorrow, instrumental ballad can save us - though Throwaway so hard to say!
Fast guitar trills begins All Is All story, continuing by powerful and furious growl. Then the acoustic guitar and symphonic keyboards replaces the fury by its ballad parties, next clean vocals adds its sounds to canvas. But the rage and anger have not gone - just take a breather.
The noise of the winds and the waves on the shore begins title track Aquatic Descent. Confident mood doesn't tolerate fuss, no need of hysterical running around - so vocals slowly tells its tale, first supported by guitars, then keyboards dominates in the sound patterns by its passages, causing the guitars and vocals to accelerate their parties. Then the guitars and the vocals get bored nervously rapid pace - they return to the original course.
After research and experimentation is necessary to draw up a report, that not missed any detail. That process starts at an average pace, those who have descent discuss their experiments, the tension grows and they boil in the discussions, and nervous fuss in preparing its report. But - report have finished, they must bear The Analyzation, Pt. Ll (A Needed End) to the headquarters calmly and stone-faced.