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How many glowing creatures are around?

April 15, 2017
Acrimonious (Grc) - Eleven Dragons

Interesting and fascinating story, it tells to us Acrimonious (Grc) - Eleven Dragons , not allowing to distract from any of the tales even for a moment!
The mysterious fog of gloomy music, caused by the firt dragon's breath, covers the surrounding space with Incineration Initiator, enveloping the veil of marvelous melodies, hampering the desire to escape and escape their captivity. Saturating the musical image with confident, hard rhythmic beats, in a long and long composition, adds sharp screaming of vocal phrases.
Swift and quick drive rushes through The Northern Portal, as if running away from a pack of ancient and ruthless spirits, merging with a solo bass guitar into the intro, then circling around rushing vocal phrases.
Damnation's Bells begin a chime on all the departed and lost soldiers who lay down on the battlefields, in wars for truth and lies, for wealth and vanity - damn they all and forever.
Charming, fascinating guitar riff captivates with its exquisite melody, turning into furious rush in incredible quest for the Satariel's Grail gaining. Then the music over and over replaces the rhythm, but the guitar charm does not let go of the attention, piercing the entire composition with summoning spell.
Guitar fingering tells calm and gentle Elder of the Nashiym fairy tale, then turning into a powerful fusion of folklore motifs with the fury of modern instruments, combining different ages and stylistics into the impetuous jerk of instrumental rabies surrounding vocal phrases by the spectacular tunnel of the violent vortex. Then, in the bridge before the chorus, there comes a respite, accumulating energy and restoring forces before the next rush.
So calm and quiet wonderful melody gives an inspired rest in a wonderful instrumental saga Kaivalya, ending with a heavier music, sealing the charming instrumental motifs.
Sharp, persistent Qayin Rex Mortis riffs swiftly rushes into the intense dark fog of a fierce battle, in a hard and stern drive, taking out the daring dance of swords at the head of a furious advance through hordes of enemies, destroying the shackles of darkness.
Gloomy guitar motifs thicken the mysterious haze, spinning in the unusual and unusual dance of mystical history of the Ominous Visions of Nod around vocal phrases, elusively approaching the clue.
A marvelous melody marches unhurriedly, equally bringing out lots of electro and bass guitars, unifying them in the ornate dance of a fabulous journey for the Stirring the Ancient Waters.
Significantly, solemnly, sweepingly Litany of Moloch's Feast begins, then turning to glorious great march.
A sharp, rapid and driving tale of the last dragon, Thaumitan Crown, completes the album, its mysterious musical image dissolving in a changeable rhythmic structure, tearing the fetters of a gloomy dark fog that envelops us again and again.