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How many different persons at our fair?

March 31, 2018
Dalriada - Nyaruto

A pensive soulful solo pokes the acoustic guitar and flute together into the Megoltek Egy Legenyt intro, then the wave of drive calls for vocals, complementing the epic saga with sensuality and emotional coloring. The duet of dreamy masculine and pensive female vocals brings notes of folklore, starting the Dalriada - Nyaruto conceptual album is very intriguing.
Hollorege leads the music into the field of folklore images, the rhythm gives impetuosity to the verses, interrupting the flow of drive in the instrumental bridges that fascinate with unforgettable motifs. Preceding a powerful break in the choruses, the romance circulates in a bright leisurely dance, alternating male and female vocals.
After a brief preparation, a swift stream carries music into a bright drive, giving epic passages from time to time an exciting grandeur. The evolved vocals take the music to a completely different genre of space - instead of heavy or metal paver in folklore, in Taltosok Alma song melodic death appears, furiously and loudly carrying out the growling of music in the framework of this style. But then, with a dreamy clean style, the vocals return the song partly back, but the composition ends with a growling that anticipates the last romantic dreams.
The rustling horses and the trampling of hooves begin the title track Nyaruto, combining the best features of several genres, weaving them together into a bright unforgettable musical picture, complementing them with violin solos or with exciting flute motifs.
Folklore motifs comes to the fore in Busirato song, enveloping the violin passages with vocal phrases - but the furious drive of the rhythm section drives the reflections in the impetuous race for musical triumph.
Thury Gyorgy Balladaja 1. Resz begins a trilogy that combines two parts of the ballad composition with the majestic instrumental solo of the classic organ Laus Deo, continuation of the trilogy Thury Gyorgy Balladaja 2. Resz takes away the violin solo, personifying the main motive in the unrestrained flow of drive, twisting and alternating the parties of male and female vocals. This plexus is charmingly adorned with instrumental bridges that combine violin and flute.
Playfully dances in a bright festival mood again and again accentuating the Komamasszon title in choruses, in verses sweeping by a swift flow of drive. In the middle of the composition the leading female vocals complement the chant of companions on the background.
Aldja Meg Az IstenPreceding a pensive fog, enchanting mysterious passages 1 collects the main motive, sparkling with epic majesty and bewitching artistic reverie. The instrumental Hajnali saga with the violin soloing in its spiritual prayer completes the album.