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How could we translate our ideas?!

September 04, 2018
Wonderworld - Wonderworld III

An assertive and disturbing musical outline of Background Noises song begins the Wonderworld - Wonderworld III album, indulging in doubts and anxieties, but in the chorus the vocals rise in encouraging promises, asserting readiness for any ordeal.
A dense, gloomy musical cover rolls in the Stormy Night intro sparkling with bright guitar notes, then the vocals complement the musical image with feelings and keyboard passages hover over other musical ideas. The vocal brings up inspired promises in the chorus and in the instrumental part, the music is shrouded in the atmosphere of blues, completing the composition with incredibly calm romanticism.
The rebellious drive is hovering in the Big Word dance, circling around vocal phrases, enveloping the youth spirit the main motive is set by the pulsating bass guitar.
Entering in a wave of energetic drive, the vocals in the Crying out for Freedom verse reflects so thoughtfully, returning to the intro style in the chorus.
Viscous and leisurely musical passages proudly promote the musical outline of the A Mountain Left to Climb intro, then vocals call for a certain acceleration of the tempo, turning the proud ballad into an inspired middle tempo composition. The chorus majestic keyboard passages bring some sublimity in a musical image, the guitars pushes the perception in the twilight mists in the instrumental part.
Blues notes soar around the Brand New Man vocals reflections, rising in the charming mist of enchanting melody of the chorus, enveloped in marvelous delights of keyboard notes.
Energetic challenges, tearing everyday customs and annoying orders rush through the Rebellion verses, complemented by the encouraging atmosphere of melodic choruses.
Thoughtful and tranquil ballad The Last Frontier envelops you in a romantic haze, complementing sensual vocal phrases with soft, enchanting musical outlines. While maintaining a romantic mood and a ballad sound, Stay Away from Me makes the sound of the album tighter and denser, pulsing in an annoying hard march.
Vague uncertainty, shrouded in a dense pulsating sound in the There Must Be More verses, rises in the hope of positive changes in the chorus, ending the album with a reassuring mood.