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Hostile whirlwinds blows over us, circling the echoes of the darkest prophecies

December 28, 2019
Scarleth - Vortex

The interweaving of a mysterious symphony and a thoughtful drive is combined in the dance of the introduction of the Feel The Heat song, but then the persistent and unyielding tunes of female vocals capture a dominant position in the musical image, retreating only in instrumental bridges. The epic symphony weaves a web of bewitching fairy-tale motifs into the intro of the No Return song, adding to the Scarleth - Vortex album a greater influence of musical passages. The vocals vary the part, complementing the warlike and militant lady with tunes of male vocals. Emotions and experiences bursts Be What You Are into a whirlwind of vocals reflections and doubts, turning the vector of musical dryness to popular music, but the musical passages envelop these vocals phrases with enchanting melody.
Whirlwinds of hot and spicy musical motifs give the Passion musical image shades of oriental folklore, then with marching pulsations bring the vocal narrative to the top of the musical image. No More Letters combines romantic musings and twilight veils of an epic anthem in a single musical composition. Futuristic echoes fills the Guardian Angel and Escape From Your Embrace vocal delights, then turning to folk tunes that enchant the mesmerizing tunes of the Остання Зоря female vocals.
After a brief wait, Pain Is My Name female vocals come to the forefront of the Final CurtainBreak The Chains continues the composition announcing the experiences of the last song, attracting listeners with the motives of fairy tales and inspirations, calling with vocal echoes.