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Horror hides in the shadows of the universe

June 24, 2019
Imperiori - Cosmic Beast

Hard, tight and irresistible rhythm envelops gloomy vocal reflections that accentuate the title of Blood Worship song in the chorus. In such a dense, harsh and tough drive begins the narration of the Imperiori - Cosmic Beast concept album.
The majestic anthem gives a charming melody of the Sin's of Flesh composition, but with the introduction of vocals, the rhythmic structure of the composition becomes complicated in a progressive manner, competing in technical musical shades with a charming melody of the main motive.
Starting in a dancing rhythm, then Death Toll interweaves the vocal and musical passages, enveloping them in the background melodies of a guitar solo.
Beginning with a solemn musical narration, then the Heir to the Serpent Throne music is occasionally carried away by swift whirlwinds of fierce drive, but the vocal part calms down the zeal of the musical passages.
Riding on the main theme, the vocal part develops the musical lace of the Henchman at Sunrise composition in a mesmerizing epic, sometimes receding for charming instrumental solos.
The title track Cosmic Beast combines an epic atmosphere with an unrestrained flow of drive, starting with a leisurely narration, then unwinding the musical flywheel of a medium tempo narration full of significance and power. JDSW completes the album, starting with an inspiring guitar solo in the introduction, then wrapping around vocal phrases with sparkling guitar passages.