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Horror and gloom lurking in the shadows

December 12, 2021
Spectral Voice - Necrotic Demos

The Rotting Auras song begins the Spectral Voice - Necrotic Demos album with a gloomy atmosphere of lifeless despair and detached musical despair, at times rolling in sonorous waves of vocals wrath.
Twilight waves of mystical mystery envelop the dark atmosphere of the Horrid Phantasm wicked anthem, then rolling in waves of rhythmic march.
Entering with a rhythmic drumbeat, the Diffluence Of Ruined Graves track then transforms the twilight covers of its sound again and again.
The somber coloring of the ominous guitar solo intro intrigues the further development of the (Slowly) Claimed By Oblivion song, long and carefully preparing the listener for the introduction of the vocals.
Accelerating the musical journey in a whirlwind of unrestrained introduction, the Peeled Veins compositon somewhat restrains the tempo with a brief vocal invocation, again and again then transforming the rhythmic and returning to fierceness and drive with the introduction of the vocal.
The gloomy sound of the Katabatic Depths composition is complemented by epic echoes of dark tales of deep antiquity, at times exploding in a whirlwind of rapid drive in a joint flight with vocal fury. The Ineffable Winds song completes the album in its typical gloomy atmosphere, bringing into its musical outlines the mysterious tunes of the dark musical fairy tale.