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Holidays calls for relaxation and rest

January 02, 2021
Tankus the Henge - Luna Park!

The Tankus the Henge - Luna Park! album begins with the god, oil, money song's music, enchanting with musical melodism and vocal inspiration, intertwined in a bewitching dance. The Fayaway track continues music story, intriguing with vocal proclamations with a touch of adventure and mysterious playfulness. The romantic atmosphere of the Glitterlung charming ballad, that draws you into the sphere of dreamy reflections. Keeping the ballad romanticism, the Back to You brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image.
The musical originality of the Susie Sidewinder mysterious motif combines mystery and complements the brooding inspiration of the vocal part in a mysterious tale, complementing the male vocals with the tunes of a singing lady. The Sundance Kid music and vocals are intertwined in the enchanting dance of the musical. The (Livin' Like a) Pilgrim partly continues the aforementioned style, but transforms the musical narration into the impressions of a wandering bard. Keyboard passages come to the fore, complemented by orchestral solutions. The vocals tell the story of the Worries song. The Only Thing That Passes Here Is Time walks along with sorrowful vocal confessions, which are then complemented by background vocals and a majestic symphony.
Inspirational reflections of the Glitterlung (Reprise) anticipates the danceable playfulness of the Luna Park album's title track, soaring in sparkling inspiration. The Staying on This Side of the Dirt puts the final point on this musical release, captivating with vocal emotions.