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Hitherto unseen so exciting!

January 12, 2021
Children Of Bodom - Something Wild (Japan Edition)

Continuing a series of articles on the music of the recently deceased musician, we will describe the Children Of Bodom - Something Wild (Japan Edition) music album that began his advancement to the pinnacle of musical success. The Deadnight Warrior begins a musical narration, like a procession through dark catacombs ends with eerie screams and laughter, then twirling guitar riffs with epic notes around vocal phrases. Accentuating the influence of bass notes in the intro, the In The Shadows then rushes in a flight of impetuous drive, preserving the echoes of ancient fairy tales.
The next composition consists of two sections - at first, the Red Light In My Eyes (part 1) fascinates with the inspired melodism of the bard saga, anticipating the intensification of the mid-tempo drive. Then the Red Light In My Eyes (part 2) combines a symphony of guitar and keyboard passages with an inspired parade of charismatic vocal proclamations.
Probably the most recognizable element of this group's creativity is the guitar solo of the introduction of the Lake Bodom song. The Nail begins with a blacksmith's hammer strikes, then draws you into the mesmerizing fickleness of the musical dance. The Touch Like Angel Of Death concludes the main part of the album with a mesmerizing symphonic dance, combining the chime of keyboard influences from minstrel suites with a metallic drive.
The Children Of Bodom (Bonus) starts the bonus section of this release by bringing in the sound of one of the band's early compositions, ending this musical artwork with the Mass Hypnosis (Sepultura cover, Bonus) reinterpretation of another legendary band.