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Hitherto unknown opens up new opportunities

January 30, 2023
Ammyt - New Persepctives

The Horror of Habit intro of the Ammyt - New Persepctives album begins with an artistic musical pensiveness, further musically developing these enchanting musical motifs in the sounding of the Phobia song, complementing them with an inspired vocal narrative, combined with solemn musical passages in a meaningful procession of majestic ascension.
Musical whirlwinds and vocal phrases alternate in the foreground of the As Leaves Turn Red composition, captivating this alternation to a journey through the expanses of melodic charm and twilight musical fairy tale, continuing in the pensive charm of the Dreamcatcher epic saga, enveloping the story of the vocal storyteller with enchanting covers of musical variations.
Billowing a whirlwind of rapid musical drive into the intro, the Valkyr musical composition then subordinates its rhythm to a fierce vocals narrative, complementing the sound with shades and notes of a combative mood, continuing with the rolls of musical passages of the Stranded battle march, honoring the procession of valiant knights and legendary heroes. The melodic sound of the intro prepares for the artistic charm of the sound of the Mask in the Mirror song, complementing with a mysterious melody the muted mystery of the vocal narrative, then condensing the musical narrative to a dense and rigid rhythmic march and twisting the whirlwind of the mid-tempo drive of guitar riffs, followed by the acceleration of the musical variations of the guitar solos of the To Reach the Shore instrumental composition.
The guitar solo of the intro rolls in waves of the mid-tempo main motif, raising to the crests of the musical waves the vocal phrases of the City of Memories march, continuing with vocal primacy after the drumming in the No Time to Waste intro anticipating a bright whirlwind of exciting musical and vocals variations of the To Reach the Shore (Bonus Version) final composition, complementing the previous instrumental version with a vocal part and condensing the drive of its sound while retaining the charm of guitar solos.