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Hit uber miss - disagreed? Dismissed!

October 01, 2016
Brujeria - Pocho Aztlan

For a long time a lot of people expects for the new creation of this band. Brujeria - Pocho Aztlan reveals new horizons of their arts!
The priest begins the ritual dancing and singing the sacrament of his people Pocho Aztlan in the title track without any delay. And then burst and shouts of the aggressors, trey demands to cease the festival. Music exaggerating answering ragged rhythm of instrumental and vocal aggression against the holy national rite.
Native people do not accept any occupation, not allowing them to relax and chill attention - they cant accept anyone from that men even if they hide behind native people! No Aceptan Imitaciones!
Can be a lot of different and diverse activities - including Profecia del Anticristo. Resistance accelerats and gain a lot of power, to harsh vocals adds screaming. In the middle of the melodic mid-tempo tunes surrounds furious vocals monologue, decorating its march with inspiration and wrapping by catchy music.
An SMS tune starts track, then the verse rhythmically and precisely hammering mid-tempo paces to closes to repeated rhythmic and memorable repetition Angel de la Frontera in the chorus. Few fairies chants the title, and then fury and rage returns.
Woman announcer pronounces her monologue, ready to begin a fierce and angry march, waving clubs and flags of their rebellion Plata o Plomo to understand for what have to go - strive to silver, or expect a letal peaces of lead lying to their bodies.
Headnote of the Satongo conjures up reflections, but until the middle of the composition tunes flies rapidly and violently, and then in the middle of the slopes to the melodic and instrumental delights sto- len sound rabies. But then the anger and impetuosity returns and completes the composition in an angry rush. Ragged and rough rhythmic impulses leads the story of Isla de la Fantasia, shrouding with the mysterious and enigmatic veils from all sides. Then sounds a short pensive elders monologue, then ragged edges returns again.
Only indigenous priest and shaman Bruja is able to acquire mysterious forces of good, evil and the nature. Lyrical ballad pays tribute to him and praise of local people, glorifying him in honor and weary impatience for his hels.
Fun and unsophisticated, directly and openly conveys to all of us the confidence that Mexico Campeon!
This artless candor and obstinacy continues, stating that Culpan la Mujer. Blame, constrain, humiliate!
Cautious monologue under the burdensome sound of guitar strings, that awaits the storm's horror begins the Codigos, turning into a steady rhythmic march, that making its way without a twinge of doubt to space of the future being.
Passionate and simple dances of the Debilador returns from steady march into nerve jerks in different directions Small changes in song title of Dead Kennedystrack makes cover California Uber Aztlan like new and unexpected experiences, which serves as a vivid and impressive completion of this artwork!