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October 18, 2019
 Defending Cain - [del]

The introduction of Blood Money song rolls with a harsh rattle of crushing riffs, but then emotional clean vocal reflections add ballad tones to the sound. But then a furious harsh jumps up in the vocal part, then alternating before pensive and emotional reflections.
The Defending Cain - [del] album continues with the buzz the electronic pulse, then the radio speaker announces an incredibly important message and the Island in the Street vocal part shades with a bewitching recitative, raising then the dreams of clean vocals in the chorus, again returning the recitative to the style of the verse.
At first, musical passages and vocal phrases become hardened in the severity of the drive, then clean vocals elevate the banners of a dreamy romance. Next, Deaf Hate composition alternates these musical contrasts.
Giving some praise to the pulsating rock "n" roll impulses, the Ohana song complements the hot breath of the southern winds and weaves the musical canvas with an alternation of dreamy tunes and sharp recitative. Enslave completes the album, bringing to the forefront the sound of romantic musical coverings and enchanting vocal variations.