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History ... sometimes happens ... it was fell down

April 04, 2017
Yarast (Ярость) - Tunguska 1908

Meteorite was felt down, brokes lifes and consciousness - but Yarast (Ярость) - Tunguska 1908 continues to live in the memory, forever and ever!.
The title track Tunguska 1908 begins with a violent drive, malicious power and predestined malice. Then the rage requires a breather, without reducing power and fury, however. Then the initial and the replaced are combined in a single stream, replacing each other again and again.
Power and fury are combined in a single, unhurried but dense stream of the Doomsky Fills Your Eyes. Drive condenses with high density, tries to amount our attenеion to its blows.
Rage and grievous anger are combined in the Tabula Rasa, prolonging the rapid wrath and anger in its sound far beyond.
Power creates an unrestrained drive, lifting the Распyтица melody to strong fetters, creating unbreakable armor for the leisurely and furious narrative. Then a dreamy, beautiful melody replaces for a short while - and again so furious drive in unhurried pace! After several similar changes, the topics are speeded up, bringing out the rage ahead! Guitar fingering completes composition as well!
Power and fury re-sit at the head, creating fog of fury and an angry drive of the Nuclear Winter. Its harsh drive not in a hurry, but powerfully and angrily drives its thoughts in our minds!
Blood PathEnchanting and memorable melody carries the mind from the first to the last moment! Power and drive are combined with lyrical romance! That's attracts to listen to that again and again, forever and ever! Power becomes slow, vague and innocent spaces, creating Deserter haze of quiet but fierce and powerful storytelling as well.
An angry, persistent and indisputable march begins to finish the album with an angry, furious impulse. Retaliation will not fail to take advantage of the presented chances - revenge, pay tribute for the past acts!