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History and annals are eternal

June 13, 2022
Dark Quarterer - Pompei

After a long pause and an intriguing mystery of the introduction, the vocal reflections of the Vesuvius musical composition begins the musical narrative of the Dark Quarterer - Pompei concept album, then combined in progressive variability with musical transformations shrouded in veils of symphonic suites and retreating with the vocal part from the mesmerizing melodic sound of the vocal part.
After a brief introduction, vocals experiences are crowning the Welcome to the Day of Death musical waves, giving shades of emotional coloring and creating an atmosphere of anxiety and emotions against the symphonic background of keyboards passages.
The screams of the crowd end with majestic musical passages, then the music and vocals are artistically and mesmerizingly intertwined in the progressive sound of the Panic anxious ballad.
Following the opening passages, the Plinius the Elder composition brings vocals confessions and revelations to the forefront of the musical image, wrapping and enveloping these vocals phrases with the artistry of symphonic musical overlays with lounge notes and hints of jazz musical influences.
But the rioting crowds and the panic of the population in connection with the impending catastrophe cry out for power and solutions, embodied in progressive musical variations and vocals reflections of the Gladiator song. Beginning with saddened weeping and pleas, the Forever final composition of the album ends it with ghostly echoes of lost hopes.