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His head is above all

February 06, 2021
King's Head - The King's Head

The Rise music heats up the waves of moaning drive, rolling with harsh passages of a mid-tempo march. The vocal part brings the atmosphere of a mesmerizing fairy tale, sometimes bringing the result to the dreamy storyteller with tough growling phrases. The Far Beyond continues the musical narration of the The King's Head - The King's Head album, adding some shades of romantic feelings to it with vocal phrases, preserving the notes of severe growling. The Fall song brings notes of viscous slowness to the musical sound, complementing its stylistic features with spicy notes of southern rum, sometimes raising the vocal tonality to incredible heights.
The soft and gentle ringing of guitar strings creates a romantic atmosphere, then complementing the sound of the Anymore ballad with vocals sensuality. The sound of the Older composition expands the stylistic framework of the album, combining and alternating clean vocals with growling in the vocals. Unhurriedly unrolling the musical canvas before the procession of the lyrical story, the Miss Comprehension then crowns it with a pensive narration of the vocal part. The persistent and impatient sound of the Borderline song brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image.
The painful viscousness and strainedness of vocal phrases is complemented by the Should I Be Home ballad pensiveness of bard's guitar passages. At first, the Mountainess continues the pensiveness of muted phrases of clean vocals, but then growling takes the lead roles, entwined with the solemn covers of the majestic anthem. The mesmerizing sound of the bardic saga of the main motive of the Waiting composition takes you into the vastness of forgotten legends and imaginary adventures. The White Horse brings to the end with brooding mystery, enveloping vocal doubts with twilight whirlwinds of painful guitar riffs.