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Hiding the sources of discoveries and predictions

November 16, 2021
Be'lakor - Coherence

The thoughtful and majestic sound of the Locus epic saga begins the musical narrative of the Be'lakor - Coherence album, enchanting with the melodic unity of deep and meaningful vocals and musical artistry, combining thoughtful drive and symphonic grandeur.
The Dispersion symphonic instrumental introduction to the next chapter of the album prepares the mood for listening to the musical artistry embodied in the solemn sound of the Foothold composition, which marches through a mid-tempo vocal tale enveloped by bright and mesmerizing musical variations.
The Valence track confidently, thrillingly, and impressively marches through the rolling musical canvas of the main motif, at times adding symphonism and melodic charm to the sound.The Sweep of Days instrumental composition embodies and enchants with the melodic artistry of epic sagas and enchanting legends.
Wrapping a veil of mystical mystery and melodic enchantment, the Hidden Window song's sound envelops the vocal narrative in a veil of echoes of ancient fairy tales, creating an atmosphere of floating fairies. Then a keyboard solo adds even more artistry to the sound, combined with a progressive sophistication of the rhythmic pattern.
The artistic charm of the Indelible instrumental composition precedes the development of the epic saga of the Much More Was Lost album's final track, combining an understated drive with the banners of valiant resistance, performing with a readiness to fight any foe. This boldness and attitude is complemented by symphonic musical elements and an enchanting guitar solo.