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Hiding in twilight shades

July 24, 2021
Vincent Crowley - Beyond Acheron

The bell ringing and the noise of bad weather creates an alarming mood for the Vincent Crowley - Beyond Acheron album's Intro. Then the Where No Light Shines song's vocals and music develops this direction by calling the variety of variations of extreme vocals, alternating screaming and growling.
But after the frightening dusk the My Eternal Vow composition introduces some kind of intense of dark inspiration and charm. The La Muerte ballad continues to develop these shades of hope, enchanting the romantic sound of vocal reflections. Guitar solo of the instrumental part further increases the romance of the sound of the musical composition.
Continuing to develop the drive, started in the final fragment of the previous composition, the Bring forth the Dead combines it with the artistic sound of musical variations. Reflections of the sage continues the chime of the bell in the addition with the Masquerade gu Macabre gloomy fairy tale enveloping the bright guitar solo of the listener and vocal phrases.
The hard-bitten, steadily and unrestrained the Farewell (at Death's Door) composition rolls the musical fabric of the main motive, according to which the vocal narrative confidently has a steady, cooling in front of incredible artistry of guitar passages. The Outro sounds of heartbeat in the medical apparatus are completing the album along with the extensions of distant wanderings in other worlds.