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Hiding in the shadows ceases to hide

February 07, 2021
Hell-Born - Natas Liah

After a short appeal, the When You Are God music explodes with a whirlwind of frantic drive, crowned with significant vocal proclamations and sometimes receding before the thoughtful unity of music and vocals. The vocal part comes to the fore of the Axis Of Decay dark anthem, continuing the musical narration of the Hell-Born - Natas Liah album with the harsh shades of a dark fairy tale.
Viscous and painful, starting with a leisurely procession of the twilight procession with vocal meditations, the Ye Olde Woods Devil then accelerates the pace, adding notes of dark drive to the sound. The Uroboros takes off furiously and swiftly, flapping the wings of a black dragon, raising the furious drive of a musical thriller. The Butcher continues the wave of musical fury, bringing shades of demonic severity to the vocal part, wrapping these musical essences in veils of enchanting melody. The musical composition ends with painful and unhurried thoughts.
The Son Of Earth song's intriguing introduction ends with gloomy musical musings topped with confident and stern vocal proclamations. Rolling in dense waves of mid-tempo march 3 with the introduction of vocals, the In God's Death rolls out a tape of the musical canvas in front of the vocal part.
Sharply accelerating the musical tempo, the Soulrape crowns the outlines of the musical thriller with the harsh significance of vocal confidence. Bright and exciting the Blakk Metal track captivates the sound of the main motive in unity with vocal charisma, captivating true fans of this musical style to re-listen to the album.