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Hey weird guy! It's your turn - enter the arena now!

August 10, 2017
Warbeast (USA) - Enter The Arena

After short wait, a furious whirlwind of impetuous intro meets us strating Warbeast (USA) - Enter The Arena album, followed by violent and broken vocal phrases. In the middle of Centuries Of Poisoned Soil the instrumental part introduces the proud beauty and solemnity of the deadly gladiators fights at ancient arenas, completing them like a march of fighters entering the battlefield. Then follows again broken, nervous phrases, and the composition ends with wise viscous instructions - how to stay alive in this abyss of blood.
The whirlwind of a violent musical drive envelops Punishment For Gluttony without the least doubt putting the center of its deadly dance.
Shots, explosions and cruelty to Orchestration Of Violence prepare for further sound, continuing the style of the previous composition, but changing the rhythmic structure and slightly reducing the tempo.
Ornate guitar tricks twist their passages in search of a way out of Maze Of The Minotaur, vividly surrounding vocal phrases with thoughtful, deep and exciting musical images. Before the instrumental part, the sound prepares the transformation into a soft melodic ballad, followed by a return to a spiral of riffs and pensive vocal phrases, which ends with an impressive guitar solo.
The spirit of rock 'n' roll passed through the prism of stylistics inherent in this style covers the sound of Hitchhiker, paying tribute to the origins.
Mysterious dance with a changeable rhythm in the introduction suggests a lot of changes in the sound of Chemicals Consuming. But the verse sounds quite usual for style, artlessly and smoothly, a short chorus causes a surge of violent drive. But! I especially note the instrumental solo that begins with the chorus in the middle of the composition - that's it, and it leaves a delightful impression, starting with an exciting epic melody and ending with a bright guitar solo. Autro, complementary to the repetition of chorus phrases again and again, sounds similar to the intro.
The title track Enter The Arena remembers that march, urging the gladiators to their immediate duties - to enter the arena, take the sword out of its scabbard ... and do everything to stay alive after the upcoming battles!
In the introduction, the Indian shaman appears in the ritual dance, then are the furious, ruthless conquistadors and arrange the general The Scalping. The dance of music conveys the rigidity of that era, conveying the atmosphere of the American jungle.
After a thoughtful, unhurried and resonant introduction, the verse Conjuration With The Devil plunges into a rapid spurt, stopping the bridge before the next verse, repeating the melody of the introduction. In a similar alternation, the entire song sounds. Persistent, powerful drive, combining clear vocal phrases in average tempo and fast, changeable and diverse musical ideas Ancient Hate completes the album, inspiring to listen songs of this band again and again!