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Heroic battles and conquests leave an eternal memory

December 18, 2019
Metatron - Romelin

Energetically and freshly guitar riffs make a tunnel of the Destino Infernal main motive, enveloping vocal phrases that bring rioting notes with a little bit hoarse sound, whirlwinds of restrained drive. Keeping pace and drive with a harsh introduction march, Venganza preceding the introduction of vocals diversifies the sound of the Metatron - Romelin album with a procession of a harsh anthem. After the enchanting guitar solo of the instrumental part, Eterna Conquista further focuses the sound in a pulsating march.
The title track Romelin captures with the stream of the main motive, pulsing with a part of the bass guitar to the basis of the narration and raising an emotional outburst with vocal experiences. But Caminante del Trueno song again returns to the mid-tempo march, bringing vocal phrases to the forefront of the musical image.
But casting off the shackles of reverie, Entre el Fuego y la Verdad flies away with a swift phoenix, sparkling with sparkling motives of guitar solos intertwined in an inspired dance with a vocal part. Sombras de Fuego continues the rapid flow of drive, but guitar riffs are becoming tougher and harsher.
Weaving enchanting musical lace into the Legendario introduction, the guitar passages create a bewitching backdrop for vocal experiences. The chime of intro guitar strings creates a captivating intrigue, but then the La Fortaleza musical passages twists sparkling images of impetuous beasts from given motives, introducing magnificent melodic images in instrumental bridges and chorus. Angel de la Muerte continues epic imagery, introducing swift whirlwinds of guitar solos enveloping inspirational vocal phrases with impressive musical variations. Driving in waves of a pulsating march, Hijos de la Guerra then displays epic images with vocal phrases. The vocal is transformed, scattering a light hoarseness for a while and gives some romantic shades to their phrases.
Returning to the stylistic sources Yo y las Maquinas supplements the foundations laid in them with emotional notes, preserving the expected energy inherent for the power metal music. The album closes with El Valle composition previously released as the single and incorporating all the forms and variations of the album into its sound.