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Heroes are also subject to numbering

June 25, 2020
Bendida - First of the Heroes

Starting the Enter the Sanctuary symphonic narration of the Bendida - First of the Heroes concept album brings an atmosphere of thoughtfulness and wordless chorales. The Legend of Gilgamesh continues the album, raising epic thinking to the head of the musical image and crowning the final thinking with emphasis on the name. Weaving together symphonic meditations and a whirlwind of power metal energy, the Hunt the Hunter musical passages entwine vocal reflections.
Inspiration of vocal thoughts sets the direction for the development of Vampires' Ball composition, weaving female vocals in a duet. Progressive Beast and Man musical variations continue with a surge of drive and calm down with the weddings of symphonic vocals. The symphonic charm of incredible anxiety is crowned by the expectation of the sound of Desolated Sea song. The Music of the Spheres vocal monologue sets the mood for sound. The guitar solo of The Fern Flower intro weaves a lace of symphonic charm, then bringing a stream of drive. The severe symphonic significance Lady of Eternal Winter anticipates the procession of a singing lady who embodies her tunes in the sound of the Dawn of Man song. The Civilization embodies the significance of the proclamations by reuniting riot, drive, and symphony in a single musical narrative.
The Middle Ages inspirational symphony surrounds the narrative of the singing lady with bewitching ribbons of appeals. Medieval festivities Apogee carries to its spaces. Symphonic Demolition musings develop the completion of the release, raising the The New World vocal musings with a whirlwind of drive.