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Heirlooms eternal have passed the test of time

March 01, 2021
Human Serpent - Heirlooms Eternal

The explosion of musical frenzy with a vocal scream. Sweets the enchanting vortex of the main motive of the A Thousand Limbos Of Mind composition, making a slowdown in the vocal reflections, retreating before the explosion of the fury of the guitar solo. The Maze Of Reminiscence penetrated faint intrigue continues the musical narration of the Human Serpent - Heirlooms Eternal album with an ascension of the vocal party, in which vocal screaming comes to the foreground, complemented by notching the grinding. But the musical enjoyment introduces an extension of ancient Saga and legends. The Fuck Normality continues the museum narration by the swirl of a frantic drive, in which the vocal appeal is taken away. This musical demolishes anything on its path, then slowing down the pace in the dense rhythm of the combat march, alternating screaming and rogue in the vocal party and returning to a frantic drive again.
The title composition Heirlooms Eternal builds a composite essence on the alternation of the screaming and rogue of the vocal party, combining these vocal features with relevant music passages. The Memories Are Rooms Of Pain continues such a musical essence, but accelerates the pace and rumbles in the rapidness of an unrestrained drive.
The Vomiting The Herds vocals immediately takes away to the violent scream, sent by the bright warble of the guitar solo, then combined in this spiral of a non-ferrous main motive. The Diffusion In Chaos pumps the epic echoes of ancient fairy tales in a combination with musical power and vocals rage. The rapid wiper of the deadly dance of sparkling blades is completing the album with the uncontrolled flow of the Mirrors musical thriller.