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Heavy metal shall to bless us

March 14, 2022
Martyr (NL, Utrecht), 2022 -  Planet Metalhead

The melodies of children's voices set the mood of the opening of the Raise Your Horns, Unite! track, which then transforms into a furious musical thriller, rejecting any resistance to the sound of the Martyr (NL, Utrecht) - Planet Metalhead album. The Demon Hammer song weaves a mesmerizing lace of musical epic motifs around the unstoppable and persistent vocal tunes.
Проявляя во вступление отображение основного мотива Children Of The Night композиция очаровывает его звучанием и увлекает слушателя на просторы мрачной таинственности и сумеречных сказок о невообразимых чудесах тёмных чар. A wise counselor proclaims that all things require sacrifice and one can lose a battle to win a war, further pumping up the dense and stern sound of the majestic valor of the Fire Of Rebellions battle march. The No Time For Goodbyes soft and wistful ballad envelops the vocal experience in a soft and gentle musical romance.
The furious Metal Overdrive musical thriller brings vocal rebellion to the forefront of the musical image, supported by a whirlwind of martial dance of insistent and unyielding guitar riffs. Brief echoes of ecclesiastical musical influences of the intro recede before the assault of the furious musical drive of the La Diabla track, topped with meaningful and charismatic vocals proclamations.
Proclaiming the meaning of the title, the Diary Of A Sinner composition captivates in the unity of musical motifs and vocal confession of inextinguishable sins and explanation of the sinful essence, continuing with sad reflections weaving the gloomy musical canvas of the Church Of Steel intro, anticipating the ascension of bright and sparkling guitar solo leitmotiv, piercing the further musical essence with a sharp blade. The Wings In A Darkened Soul thoughtful ballad concludes the album's musical history with an embodiment of pride in achievements and exploits in valiant battles.