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Heavenly blessings are incredibly far from now

October 25, 2021
Pale Horse Named Death - Infernum in Terra

The Infernum mysterious intro with a tint of the capital composition anticipates the further sound of the A Pale Horse Named Death - Infernum in Terra album. Next, music and vocals, a dreamily marcing in twilight mysteriousness of the Believe in Something (You Are Lost) song creates fascinating lace musical mystery.
After the solemn outlines of the intro the Cast out from the Sky composition displays vocals to the foreground of musical sound. The Shards of Glass song immediately regards musical impact of leitmotif. The Lucifer's Sun composition compacts and hardens the sound, giving a viscous twilight procession shades of mystical mystery.
The ringing of the bell and the spout of the speaker's speeches with church paddles set the It is Done track entry to the next section of the album, durable, dusk and visco-marching tragic emotion of the Two Headed Snake (Propofol Dreams) song. The Slave to the Master and Devil's Deed compositions develop dusk and pains, putting forward a vocal party to the front of the sound with the support of gloomy musical mysteries.
Doubts and reflections continue to develop musical thought in the Reflections of the Dead song, anticipating the completion of the album of the Souls in the Abyss track.