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Heavenly battles unknown to mere mortals

April 26, 2019
 Volucrine - Skywards

Starting the Volucrine - Skywards album with fascinating melodies Utopia intrigues before further listening, wrapping around with enchanting passages of a guitar solo and the mysterious desires of a rhythm guitar.  Done Dealing continues the melody of the previous composition, revealing the distinguishing feature of the album - the unexpected unity of dreamy clean vocals and severe growling.
Clean vocals begin the bard narration under the guitar chime, then developing the Matterless Measures song in the stream of melodic drive. Growling gives time to time shades of severity, but clean vocals again and again returns the dreamy atmosphere.
By pumping up the gloomy anxiety and anticipation of the dangers, the guitar solo of the Terra Frigidum introduction causes an alternation of vocal styles and the clean vocals become tougher, occasionally complementing their part with screaming.
Beginning with a dense mid-tempo march The Picture soars on the verge of a medium-tempo composition and a ballad, deviating with vocal dreams closer to inspirational romance.
Hardening sound and twisting around the vocal phrases of enchanting lace of musical variety EgoClash constantly changing tempo, captivating with the variability of musical passages and vocal phrases.
Returning to the expected melodic death metal style of the album, The Glacier Plains composition returns first the severe growling to the dominant position in the couplet, but the clean vocals argue with this, complementing their frantic growling with their phrases.
Returning to the dominant position of clean vocal Uplifted constantly completes vocal phrases using harsh and growling. Title track at first Skywards seems to be a cover addressing the origins of rock and metal, then it takes away in an impetuous stream an easy and unobtrusive drive. Once again, the harsh sound of the Petrified Angels song moves away towards tougher and tougher musical styles. Fusing the origins of rock and metal music with the harsh musical passages of a fierce drive SunLight combines severe growling with hints of power metal et the album's end.