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Heartache bypasses obstacles and shelters

August 21, 2022
Shadow Lizzards - Someone's Heartache

The mysterious atmosphere and unhurried musical variations of the Stardust instrumental introduction begins the musical path of the The Shadow Lizzards - Someone's Heartache album, setting the direction for the development of the main motif of the You Can't Runaway From Your Soul song, in which musical passages complement vocal phrases shrouded in covers of dark musical mystery.
The drum roll of the introduction ends with a bright guitar solo, then the vocal part is brought to the forefront of the musical image, again and again emphasizing the name of the Ricochet composition in the chorus, anticipating the organ symphony of the introduction of the title track of the Someone's Heartache album, behind which keyboard passages and guitar riffs bring a sense of spiritual celebration.
The unhurried beginning of the No One Can Save Me song anticipates further reflections on the vocal narrative shrouded in the veils of mystery and obscurity, creating an atmosphere of mystical mystery, further highlighting the guitar riffs topped with the vocal part of the Train Song composition to the forefront of the main motif.
Capturing in artistic dance, the music and vocals weave the mesmerizing musical lace of the Who Is Who song, anticipating the Home Or Lost final ballad of the album, bringing notes of country style to its sound.