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Heading to the judgement day

March 31, 2022
King Of The World - Royal Ten

The musical whirlwinds of the guitar improvisations of the introduction then recede before the vocal part of the verse of the Pressure composition, intertwining in the joint dance of the chorus. The keyboard symphony develops the Money Talks main motif, continuing the King Of The World - Royal Ten music album with a fascinating combination and unity of musical genres.
Softly, wistfully and unhurriedly, the Soulsearchin composition draws you into unhurried reflections, urging you to evaluate and explain the shades and components of your life path. The Someone Like You song confidently, meaningfully and persistently follows the path of transformation of blues motifs in modern musical perception, continuing in the Time to Say Bye Bye composition a more meaningful and traditional embodiment of these musical motifs.
The progressive and artistic Unsung Heroes musical introduction creates the direction of the path for the vocal narrative of the storyteller, then enchanting with the mesmerizing sound of the soothing Eyes of a Child song. The Judgement Day composition dances with sparkling vocals phrases together with musical passages, festively and brightly marching along the chosen musical path.
The sound of the Love Motel canto begins with an artistic improvisation of the introduction, anticipating the impressive unity of music and vocals in a joint musical stream. The energetic and freedom-loving spirit of rock'n'roll rolls with an energetic drive of the sound of the Run Run Run composition, anticipating the brooding unhurriedness of the Let It Roll final track, sounding like a lullaby to all listeners of this album.