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Heading to the abyss you need to remember the past

May 14, 2019
Wolf Counsel - Destination Void

The preacher's whisper precedes the gloomy shroud of musical haze, enveloping vocal reflections by twilight covers. Already in the intro of the Nazarene composition, the outlines of the main motive appears, which then complements the vocal narration, opening the gates of the Wolf Counsel - Destination Void album completely. In the final segment, vocal phrases uprises theia significance, shrouded in sparkling delights of guitar passages.
The ringing of the bell precedes the introduction of the Nova song, foreshadowing sorrows and sorrows, embodied in melancholy thoughts of vocals against a gloomy musical background. Sadness envelops the listener with the sound of this track.
The Announcement of the Legend begins the Mother Of All Plagues story, then the music weaves an intriguing cocoon of pensive reflections, intertwining the vocal narration with turns of mysterious threads.
Unhurried motifs precedes the dominance of the vocal part, which indicates the direction of development of the Men Of Iron Men Of Smoke main motive, creating an atmosphere of fairy-tale mystery.
The sacrament of the organ suite gives classical significance to the introduction of the title composition Destination Void, then the viscous guitar riffs creates oppressive thoughtfulness, anticipating the development of the main motive, which rolls in waves of the mid-tempo march. The battle of the bells completes the title track, anticipating the development of a confident, persistent and stubborn march Tomorrow Never Knows, rolling with unrestrained waves of painful, sad sorrow. Thoughtful Staring Into Oblivion reflections, rolling waves of gloomy doubts, completes the album with thoughtfulness and forebodings of future disasters. Particularly worth mentioning is the charm of the guitar solo in the instrumental part.