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He is a common father to all of us

January 25, 2021
Bhleg - Odhin

After a brief and intriguing introduction with guitar fury and adept chorale backgrounds, the leitmotif of the Vyss song comes to the fore, long and intriguingly preparing the vocals for the introduction and opening the musical gates for the parade of the Bhleg - Odhin album. Then the main vocal is again complemented by the chorales of multiple collaborators, adding to the sound with the sparkling melody of northern tales and marching in mid-tempo march through the icy expanses through the eternal frost.
Immediately bursting with a stream of furious drive, the Alyr III composition, however, retains the melodic outlines of a northern fairy tale, rushing unrestrained whirlwind of unrestrained snowstorm, somewhat calming the sound only in anticipation of the vocals, beginning again with tunes of wordless chorales and narration of a wizened storyteller.
A battle horn, rooster crowing, and echoes of anticipation precede a mysterious and symphonic Gyllene gal keyboards intro that precedes the album's most preliminary Slukad sol musical saga, developing intriguing mystery in the intro motifs but then fully embodied in a separate musical artwork.
Immediately laying the foundation for the main motif, the Odet composition sets the direction of its leitmotif, crowning it with vocals experiences that restrain the swiftness of the musical wings. The Drommen om vardtradet bard saga closes the album with the soft chime of the acoustic guitar solo - as if a band of Vikings recalls their battles and adventures at the campfire late at night.