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He has no need neither in spell scrolls, nor in technical schematics!

January 29, 2018
Pestilence - Hadeon

Mysterious instrumental passages and the howl of distant and obscure winds merge in an obscure haze, Unholy Transcript enveloping distorted inanimate phrases that precedes a gloomy symphonic passage that starts Pestilence - Hadeon album. The dusky obscurity covers an impenetrable fog, powerfully and confidently filling a dark drive with Non Physical Existent sound, vocal phrases at first nervously and emotionally, then deep and meaningfully complement this horror.
Multi Dimensional continues these mystical fabrications, pulsating in a rhythmic unrestrained drive that carries thoughts and consciousness to unknown distances. In the chorus, the layers of consciousness enter into an intractable dispute between themselves. Unclear thoughts and incredible forebodings merge into a pulsating march of Oversoul gloomy guesses, vocals express their fears, a throbbing march of doubt accompanies these appalling premonitions.
A gloomy mystical march, listening to the depths of perception in the chorus, Materialization brings a shade of futuristic thoughts.
So zealous impetuous drive in verses collides with the thoughts of a robot in a bridge, creating a pensive and ornate musical image. But the refrain sets the priorities confidently and clearly, giving the definition of Astral Projection. In the instrumental part, bright solos are arguing with each other, revealing the predominant music flow.
Romantic and thoughtfully starting with soft musical ideas, next Discarnate Entity develops them into sinister and harsh musical passages, sweeping the hard and powerful stream of drive in the choruses. Unclear fog separates the Subvisions compositions with imaginary shadows, guitar improvisations giving the sound of an incredibly progressive spirit.
Mysteriously dancing with bizarre musical sparkles, in a verse playfully expressing assumptions, the song accentuates the Manifestations title again and again.
Waves of dark drive enveloped with vague phrases and musical moves in a swift stream, then circled in a pensive whirlwind of questions and answers of a meaningful harsh Timeless chorus.
Vocal pokes a whirlwind of thoughts and doubts, marvelous march Ultra Demons music completes these doubts with a whirlwind of meditations. But obscure guesses persecute and do not recede, again and again obscuring the guesswork, but the marvelous march pierces the rest of the composition with its leitmotif.
The wave of drive discards strange theories and uncertain doubts in the parties, but the vocals continue to promote them, explaining them as Layers Of Reality perception, which may vary countless times.
The development of these incredible theories leads to a lot of experiments, revealing Electro Magnetic and the crowning album with their incredible discoveries.