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Have you taken everything, or are you in doubt?

November 20, 2019
Carcinoid - Metastatic Delination

The Dread introduction of the Carcinoid - Metastatic Delination album has an intrigue, then Sorrow will unleash it with inspired power, revealing the true musical essence.
Viscously, painfully, powerfully and severely Rotting Beneath continues the story of the album, slowly and symbolically imposing the essence of its history, sometimes exploding with power.
Medium-tempo power drives a harsh narrative, pumping up the power of the main motive, The Drowning vocals loan transforms the narrative, pumping up the pace. Ravenous Being continues with mid-tempo drive and power, but then focus the narrative on a mid-tempo essence.
The title track Metastatic Declination powerfully and irresistibly continues the album, bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image. Suffering Reborn pumps the waves of drive, making the sound of the musical essence heavier. The music complements the vocals, introducing a more evil sound. Sickness even more delicately and painfully transforms the sound of the album. But then it complements the mid-tempo drive.