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Have you seen all the sorrows?

May 29, 2017
All Sorrows Beheld - All Sorrows Beheld

Darkness and despair surrounds on all sides, creating an image of All Sorrows Beheld - All Sorrows Beheld , meaning the realm of darkness and gloom!
Darkness creeps to the Burial Site cautiously and leisurely, surrounds with the urges of the mind-boggling darkness. Vocals and muffled sound vaguely barely penetrates through the gloomy mist viscous melancholic melodies. No More continues the triumph of darkness, raising over him a charming and solemn banner of the main motive, encouraging delightful guitar breaks. After rapid intermittent rushes ends with the rhythmic and clear march.
Swift and furious drive brings Worms, angrily and irritably supplementing the indignant vocal with the bright and memorable melody of the main motive, introducing in the rhythmic structure the motifs of the genre classics.
Incomplete Souls continues in an even more rapid manner, complementing the drive with tough, energetic and dense drumms pattern. In the middle there comes a change - swift jerks are replaced by an even and exciting march, confidently complementing the vocal pleas. But rushes returns 'till the end.
Starting with a furious, energetic drive, The Serpent's Son continues, changing rhythm and pace, to pay tribute to the best representatives of black metal. Excited with a rapid and stunning introduction, Longing And Loss with the appearance of the vocals turns to the muffled confession. But then - again a surge of furious anger, furiously sweeping the musical image.
Sharp, impulsive and changeable rushes turns into the solemn and thoughtful ballad By Our Hands, which sounds like the anthem of forgotten spirits and disembodied ghosts requires a decent retribution for all the deeds.
Infinite Light And Darkness сompletes the album with a space symphony, blowing distress and doom into the distance.