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Have you seen a creature like this?

December 02, 2018
Hadal Maw - Olm

Instrumental suite Leviathan begins the Hadal Maw - Olm album with a mysterious intrigue, revealing some aspects of the motive, which will be revealed as the leitmotif of the album in further compositions. Without any delay, picking up the music baton, laid down by the previous composition and developing its finale by the intro, Affluenza complements the musical image with a vocal part, enveloping vocal phrases with gloomy covers of musical mystery.
Majestic passages envelop the Failed Harvest intro with enchanting sacrament, then shading vocal reflections with enchanting progressive improvisations, setting the significance of the narration and slowing down the pace of the pulsating hymn in the chorus.
Incomprehensible sounds anticipate emotional vocal cries, giving the Witch Doctor pulsating march a mystery and dancing around changing variations of progressive music.
Rejecting the mysteriousness of the previous composition and developing its final part False King whips up a wave of impetuous drive, enveloped in mysterious glimpses of guesses, but the vocal returns the middle tempo to the musical image that returns swiftness in the instrumental bridges.
The Olm title track soars around vocal reflections, alternating severe growling and emotional screaming in a dense and stubborn whirlwind of a dense medium tempo drive, from time to time transforming the sound with pulsating changes and a spellbound guitar solo.
Saddened romanticism casts Simian Plague musical image in waves of depressive shades, vocals continue saddened reflections with creaky screaming, then transformed into a brooding growling, woven together with a wise basic motif. The composition ends with a viscous haze entangled by the trends of ghostly tunes and underlined by muffled acoustic guitar breaks.
Severely and densely fanned with harsh and majestic musical covers, the Germinate vocal part starts with emotional phrases, transforming itself into severe and deep growling, then returning again and then combining these contrasted vocal flows. After the dreamy romance of the instrumental part, which brings up the inspired delights of the guitar solo, the composition raises a wave of impetuous drive.
Dark power envelops the vocal part with an impenetrable haze of complex and varied passages, anticipating the Circus of Flesh final composition with Hyena song, full of gloomy romanticism and thoughtful experiences, complemented by solemn power and sparkling impressions.