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Have you ever heard all the tales?

January 10, 2020
Protean Circus - Rhymes In The Voice Of River

The soft chime of acoustic guitar strings and artistic keyboard variations captivate with impressive artistry, anticipating the introduction of the vocal part. Then vocal phrases come to the forefront of the Ancient Rhymes musical image, captivating musical variations to follow in the direction indicated by them. The Protean Circus - Rhymes In The Voice Of River album continues the soft romanticism of The Vision musical passages, enveloping the variations of vocal phrases with the enchanting covers of gentle romanticism. The Whisper acoustic ballad captivates with bewitching romance, complementing vocal phrases with gentle chime of guitar strings. Preserving the epic ballad romanticism, Wild Waves brings epic twist to the sound and follows the line between the inspirational ballad and the mid-tempo composition.
The soft chime of the guitar strings anticipates the epic melody of the majestic anthem, the vocal part brings some kind of anxiety and foreboding, then complementing the artistic variation of the rhythmic structure of the Deception Is Revealed composition. A saddened pensive saga of the Imprisoned continues the album. The drumming of the shamanistic ritual raises a whirlwind of alarmed musical whirlwinds, but the Alone vocal part immediately brings waves of meditation, then pacifies the musical narration to a bewitching romantic ballad, enveloping in a bewitching melody. But the rhythmic drumming completes the composition with progressive musical echoes of disturbing presentiments. But the introduction begins The Land Of Fortress with a thoughtful chime of guitar strings and dreamy tunes of the bard broadcasting breathtaking tales about places of incredible adventures. Bringing a greater influence of folklore motifs to the canvas of the musical narrative, The End Of The King refers to the memories of medieval musical motifs, progressively and artistically anticipating the final composition of the album A Mild Immortal Nymph Of River, in length and significance acting as a separate musical artwork, embodying in its sound many mystical legends and epic tales.