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Have to taste so weird cakes

June 02, 2023
Magick Touch - Cakes & Coffins

Musical passages weave fascinating lace, starting the musical path of the Magick Touch - Cakes & Coffins album with artistic charm, complemented by the intriguing vocal part of the Apollyon musical fairy tale, continuing with the assertive sound of The Judas Cross song, enveloping the vocal mystery with twilight musical covers. The When Eating A Wolf melodic ballad fascinates the unity of romantic vocal reflections with echoes of the restrained drive of a rhythmic musical march.
Guitar riffs roll out the musical canvas of the main motive, which is then followed by the tread of the vocals phrases of the M.I.N.A song in unhurried thoughts, retreating before the mysterious charm of the artistic creative passages of the Babylon, Baby! musical fairy tale and the assertive drive and whirlwinds of the guitar solos of the Guillotine Dreams composition, wrapping the vocal story around the guitar whirlwinds.
The musical intriguing mystery of the introduction is woven into the intriguing charm of the Boots musical story, entwining the vocal part with threads of twilight fog and enchanting the sparkling guitar solo of the instrumental part, continuing in the melodic artistry and vocal thoughtfulness of the Raven musical fairy tale. The Demons & Rust rhythmic march accentuates the tread of the vocal part with sonorous musical passages. The guitar solo of the intro of the World Is Coming Down final track points the way for the movement and development of its main motif.