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Have to struggle with the evil - fire at devil!

May 26, 2016
Deadringer - Realidad De Mortalidad

Fishhook helps to catch the audience. Harsh, nervous - some times changing the pace - from a sharp spurt in the early to mid pensive and slow, with a combination of other parts - starts that piece of furious feed - Deadringer - Realidad De Mortalidad .
Deadly, devastating entry begins Terms Of Endangerment then pace constantly changing - from rapid screaming runs to slow gutural growls under a rolling rhythm.
From Death To My Rebirth was launched by rapid rush, then continued with the unhurried narration, runs not so fast as we expect of it. Boring and dull!
Senseless War makes no sense - and this is discussed from various angles, suggesting different points of view and denying potential meanings. Although - it is senseless to prove the absence of meaning, melancholy lyrical guitar solo will mark it as the crowning crown!
Fire It Up Aim! Attentive, have to be admitted to the desired distance, carefully having aimed - no chance to make a mistake! FIRE!
Rhythmically, slaughtering starts Ready Set Die, story about who got a black mark flows slowly in the proper degree of interpretative. All type of vocals there's used - clean, harsh, scream, growl. Taste it as well!
Rapid onset, recreation, sequel, recreation - Devils Cry does not pass in unison, without varying the pace and speed, it is not clear to the mortal was used, if only in monosyllables and monotonous!
Fade Away - demanded from you? Hide yourself, do not show - in general, get out of sight! THATS ALL!