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Have to sacrifice to get this treasures

June 26, 2022
Sevenoneself - The Treasure of the Crucible

After the intriguing mystique of the intro, the A Place Called Paradise song begins the musical story of the Sevenoneself - The Treasure of the Crucible album, combining emotional vocal phrases with a bewitching mystery of the musical passages. The string chime creates a musical background for the sensual melodies of the inspired I Hope You Know serenade, complementing the main vocals with background chorales of musical associates, continuing the romantic musical reflections in the enchanting melodies of the When I'm in Need ballad.
An intriguing vocal dispute anticipates the rhythmic pulsations of restrained drive, crowned with veils of symphonic musical motifs, complemented by violin passages and sensual and emotional vocal reflections, combining the sound of the Without a Voice composition from such diverse musical elements. The sound of the musical charm of the 'til I Can Walk Again tender ballad combines the tender charm of an acoustic guitar string chime with the vocal charm of the duo in a romantic sound. Wild west saloon motifs bring a certain brooding lounge charm and anticipate the influence of Broadway musicals on the musical image of the My Faith Has Found a Resting Place composition.
A mesmerizing guitar solo combined with a symphonic downed keyboard weaves a charming lace intro for the All the Rest sacred anthem, in which then vocal brooding brings the lyrical significance of vocal storytelling in uniting voices into a duet weave. The Treasure of the Crucible title track's rhythmic march gives the album pulsating waves of sonorous drive. The Victory in Jesus romantic sonata again brings back sensuality and emotionality, combined with the country-style chime of guitar strings, continuing a similar stylistic atmosphere in the sound of the Radio Mix-My Faith Has Found a Resting Place track, which develops the musical motives of the previous one and completes this album with a rethinking of one of its compositions.